Updated Mockup material for Unreal 4

A while back I posted about a mockup material that would auto-UV and pick a color based on the vertex normal.

Today I’ve updated this material to include some of the WorldGridMaterial features that come built-in with Unreal 4. What this adds is a checkerbox with camera distance dependent subdivision. The color now Lerps between wall and floor instead of clamping to one or the other, the original nodes are still available in the material if you prefer the other method.

The updated material is available in the tutorials repository on GitHub or you can grab a packaged download with just the uassets below.

Blockout Material

Automatically aligns texture in world-space, 1 uv-tile = 1 editor unit (default is set to 50 units) colors based on surface normal to differentiate between walls and floors.

ScreenShot00001 ScreenShot00002

With thanks to ZangouR who sent me an updated version of this material!

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  1. Hey, the material does not work in UE 4.4.2 – the M_Dev_Mockup_Master material is throwing the error “[SM5] (Node TextureSampleParameter2D) Param2D> Requires Texture2D”

    Also, the material doesn’t seem to be on the github repo 🙁

  2. It looks like it has a problem with the texture set to none on the Param2D node right above the Checkerboard Subdivisions box. I set it to your T_DEV_Floor_D and the error is gone.

  3. Is there a way to use this mapping for normal maps?
    When I try it, the compiler complains that ‘Invalid node PixelNormalWS used for Normal input’.
    Thanks for any advice.

    • Unfortunately this implementation doesn’t support Normal-mapping. Haven’t tried solving that yet either, I’ve seen it been done in some internal projects, but I don’t have source on-hand for that.

      – Tom

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