Tom’s GameDev Round-up #2

Last week I wrote my first game development roundup where I compiled a small list of articles and videos that either recently or in the past been interesting in my own journey in video game development. This week I continue this new series and have more resources to share! NoClip Documentaries NoClip is a crowd-funded […]

Tom’s GameDev Round-up #1

Every day I spend a lot of my time on sites like YouTube or Twitter looking for new insights into video game development. I figured, some of this would be useful to boil down into a blog, and maybe even a series! To highlight some of the more interesting articles I read or insightful videos […]

Simple C++ FPS Template for Unreal Engine 4

As I have been preparing some (unannounced) tutorials I decided to use the C++ FPS Template as a base and found it has VR and Touch input code in the character which don’t do much unless you are interested in VR and/or mobile. Since I needed a super simple C++ template to not scare people […]

Soft outlines in Unreal Engine 4

Ever since I first wrote about creating outlines in Unreal Engine 4 I’ve wondered if it was possible to render them as soft outlines instead of harsh binary lines much like you would see in games like Left 4 Dead or CS:GO as seen below. Recently I did a quick experiment using a modified version […]

Rendering Wounds on Characters in UE4

Earlier this week I tweeted about hit-masking characters to show dynamic blood and wounds. Today I’d like to talk a little about the effect and how it came to be. I’ll talk a little bit about the technical details and some alternatives. The effect is a proof of concept to try and find a cheaper […]

Journey to VR: Interview with Tom Looman

Last week I did a short interview with Daryl Obert at Autodesk to talk about some of my paintbrush work in VR  for their Journey to VR series. We discuss some of the implementation details of the paint brush that is all done in Blueprint using Unreal Engine 4’s recently added Render Material to Render […]

Outlining Shadows in Unreal Engine 4

I’ve done multiple blog posts about rendering outlines in Unreal Engine 4 in the past. So when I had this idea of outlining shadows instead of objects, I figured it would be fun to simply build it as a quick experiment, just like my last Dr. Facilier textured shadows post. I enjoy these unusual experiments and I […]

Disney’s Dr. Facilier shadow effect in Unreal Engine 4

This weekend I stumbled upon a reddit post about Dr. Facilier’s interesting shadow in The Princess and the Frog and it inspired me to experiment with Forward shading in Unreal Engine 4 to re-create a similar effect in real-time shading. OP pointed out that The Shadow Man’s shadow changes the wallpaper his shadow is cast […]

UE4 UFUNCTION Keywords Explained

In this post I will be covering the common keywords used with the UFUNCTION macro in Unreal Engine 4. Each of the keywords covered include a practical code sample and a look at how it compiles into Blueprint nodes.  I left out the networking specific keywords as they deserve a separate post on networking in Unreal […]