Announcing the first section for Survival Game

We’ve announced the contents & features of Section 1 for the upcoming Survival Sample Game over at the official forums.

“The game is a third person survival game focusing on familiar mechanics from games in this genre.

You’ll have to find a weapon to defend yourself.
Food and ammunition are spread throughout the level and so you are constantly on the search for resources.
Enemies may be anywhere, making too much noise while scavenging to survive will attract attention.
The environment will have interactive objects to help your defence
The game will support coop play with a buddy.
Survive as many days/nights as possible.

You will end up with a basic third person game, fully networked & a small environment with interactive objects that you may use as a base for your own survival game.”

Concepts that are covered this section:

  • Setting up Input in C++.
  • Exposing functions and properties to Blueprint.
  • Replication (Networking) of Characters and Actors.
  • Raycasting.
  • Type-casting.
  • 3rd-person camera handling through components.
  • Using Timers.

View full details for Section 1 on the Forums

Here are some WIP screenshots and a video showing what is currently being worked on for this first section.

Although night gameplay is not part of the first section we’re releasing, I am already experimenting with a night scene as nighttime will play a big part in the gameplay in later sections.

night_survival01 night_survival02 night_survival03 night_survival04

View the official forum announcement of the project.

Get the latest source at the public GitHub repository.

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