C++ Video Tutorial: Creating Thief’s hiding in the shadows mechanic (Part 1)

Decided to try something new, so here it is! A C++ Video tutorial where we quickly go through the basics of having a player being hidden or exposed to the lights in a scene, something we can later hook up to the AI to turn into a mechanic where enemies are more likely the spot the player when exposed to light.

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  1. Hey Tom,
    I’m very happy that you’re back with new videos – pretty interesting stuff!
    I have just one question, if you could make a tutorial about your nameplates.
    I saw you’re explanation on how you did this on the other thread and i tried to remake this but it just doesn’t work for me out. Either the name is empty or if i try to change the visibility for “non-team members” each widget is collapsed.
    Hopefully you can help me out. Thanks!

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