Switch Update & Visit to Epic Games

Last week I got to visit Epic Games HQ in Raleigh, North Carolina together with Osman and Xenome from the Unreal Engine Community where we got a small taste of America, Epic Games and Fortnite!

We were invited as guests in the weekly Unreal Engine Livestream to talk about Switch. You can watch the full recording below: (our section starts at 22:30)

It was a great pleasure to meet everyone at HQ!

Watch live video from UnrealEngine on Twitch

Internal Playtest

Before we left for our visit to Epic Games we had an internal playtest which we held over the weekend. Playing a few matches of “Switch Deathmatch” which I briefly talked about during the livestream. We gained a lot of valuable feedback for our next playtest and we’d like to move towards more open playtests with the Unreal Engine community once we have a pipeline to support this.

Bullet Tracers

We are working on improving awareness of a player’s surrounding and adding feedback where it is needed most. One critical component is hearing and seeing both friendly and enemy fire by using bullet tracers with whiz sounds if a bullet misses the player to know you are being shot at.

Homing Missiles

In preparation for EyeX eye tracker that will be integrated for Switch I set up a homing target component that we will attach to eye movement once we received the hardware to start testing this feature. Below is a short demo video of a static homing target with a first implementation of the rocket launcher itself. We will be using non-homing missiles for switching  objects at a distance as shown in an earlier development update.

What’s Next

We will continue to improve our backend to support community playtesting in the future and are awaiting the arrival of our EyeX devkits! Stay tuned for more news & videos of our game as we move into 2015!

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