Switch Gamemode playtest footage

After a long time of little to no updates on Switch, we are back with new footage from a playtest we ran earlier this week! We’ve been working on some major changes to the HUD and improvements to our new gamemode “Switch” which was the primary subject of this playtest.


Big thanks for everyone to two participated in this playtest! And to Yannick, who has been helping me out building the new HUD!

Before watching, you might want to read up on the core gamemode rules:

Each player starts out in his own team. Teams are formed dynamically by killing marked players (There is always one random marked player on the map) “Captains” of a team hold the highest killstreak and gain bonus points for actions by his team, players can take over this position by gaining a higher killstreak in that team. As a marked player you receive points for surviving, and the game ends when only 1 team remains or the time limit expires. At the end of the match the player with highest score wins.

…Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hello , I am a big fan of his designs are the Barsil my name is Paulo Vitor accompany your site would like to know if the project is to make available for download Switch Multiplayer FPS I really liked so I can study and learn to develop, thank des already

    • Hi Paulo

      It’s a commercial indie project, so the source won’t be publicly released. I recommend you check out ShooterGame, available through the Learn-tab on the Unreal Engine 4 launcher. It uses a simular base for character and weapons.

      – Tom

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