Switch – Dynamic Online First-person shooter

Switch is a online first-person shooter with a dynamic level that can be changed by players at any time. Unlike destruction, switching works both ways and can be used to produce new elements for the environment such as cover from enemy fire or platforms to gain altitude and get the jump on your unsuspecting enemy. You can read more on the game's design and technical aspects by following our development blog.




The Team

Since the start of the project the team has consisted of just two members. As the game progresses we are getting new people on board that have been helping out at specific features (Game audio, Steamworks integration, concept art)

Additional Team Members

To build this game we have some great people helping us out!

Latest Development Video

In the latest development video we show a new grenade feature we're prototyping. The grenade can spawn an entire building into the environment to set up a defensive line or to generate a new traversal option for your team to charge the enemy base.

Latest Trailer

A recorded session from a gamemode playtest with 12 players.

Core rules:
Teams are formed dynamically by killed marked players (marks are assigned on interval) captains hold the highest killstreak and gain bonus points for actions by team. Marked players receive points for surviving. Game ends when only 1 team remains or time limit expires. Player with highest score wins.

The following trailer features the Tobii EyeX eye tracking hardware that was demo'd at GDC earlier this year. You can use eye tracking to switch objects very fluently and even guide homing missiles using just your eye gaze!

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