Switch Development Update – Eye Tracking, Materials & Special Grenades

It’s been a few weeks since our last Switch development update, but we’re back with some new cool videos and we are currently working on a trailer. More on that later…

Object switching using Tobii’s EyeX

We’ve shown an example of eye tracking in our previous development update where we used the gaze location to guide a missile. Recently we added the ability to switch objects using your eyes instead of your center-screen crosshair. There is no noticeable lag in the eye tracking output, this makes it feel very responsive and allows the player to quickly respond to any incoming threat by looking at an object in-between him and the enemy and pressing the interaction key. Here is a video demonstrating the feature, notice the blue dot that represents the player’s gaze.

New Materials

Two new materials were introduced (see video) the first is an effect on top of the existing transition materials, it adds an opacity cutt-off based on height. We’re planning on using this on the highest floors of our levels to indicate the maximum height. The second material has been build for the grenade (see third video to view it in action) and expands from a 3D position in the world instead of transitioning based on a noise texture or height.



New Grenade Prototype

A new concept we’re currently prototyping is a new kind of grenade that can spawn entirely structures when detonated. We’ve got a very early prototype video to demonstrate the idea.

We’re focusing our efforts on Eye Tracking at the moment, you can expect more features in our next update! If you’d like to stay informed on updates, please subscribe to our blog by filling out your e-mail below or like us on Facebook!

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