Switch Development Update – Character Animations & Level Screenshots

We have been working hard on getting a non-deathmatch gamemode ready for playtest, a level to support it and a new fully animated character to better fit our targeted style. So here’s what we’ve been up to…

Level Screenshots

We’re hard at work on our new full-sized map and we have a couple of screenshots to share! We’ll be testing two new gamemodes on this level  – a new variation on Capture The Flag and the other could be described as our own interpretation on Marked For Death (TitanFall) We’ll have more details on share with you in an upcoming update.






New Character Models

We got two new character models by Ying Pei Games (available on the Unreal Marketplace) These will serve as great placeholders for the foreseeable future and replace our previously used ShooterGame character model.



New Character Animations

Along with the new character models we are now using Rifle Animset Pro by Jakub Kisiel. This set includes many of the animations missing from the ShooterGame set we were using up till now. We’ve done some initial testing with Unreal animations system for Run, Crouch, Sprint & Strafing – the set also includes animation start/end -clips that will be blended in with hard transitions you see in the video below. It gives us a much better look & feedback for many of the features like jumping, leaping, grenade throws & weapon kickbacks to name a few.

Check out his video on all 130 animations.

In the coming weeks we’ll be replacing all of ShooterGame (Unreal 4 Sample Project) which served as a great prototyping start, but most features do not fit our game direction and are mostly unfit to build on for our purposes. This means we’re remaking the character, weapons, etc. which we will demo in the upcoming updates along with continued work on the level.

Update: Using the Scifi Weapons Silver pack from Unreal Marketplace as our new placeholders:

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  1. Looking great, the one thing I noticed was that the character is floating slightly above the surface 🙂
    I look forward to hearing about your take on marked for death and how it will work.

    • Thank you. I think this is because the shadow doesn’t quite connect. In a standing position it is connecting with the floor mesh, but the directional shadow isn’t accurate enough.

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