Switch Development Blog #1


Switch is a multiplayer-only first person shooter currently in development using Unreal Engine 4. The levels are designed and built by the players throughout the match. Individual pieces can be switched to become transparent or opaque – effectively turning it into cover or a new way to traverse the level. This is best explained by watching our a few clips of playtest footage down below.

You will see the basics of switching as well as a few other features including Leap (high jump) and shield that protects the player while depleting energy from absorbed damage. We will talk about those systems in a future dev blog.

The game is based on Unreal’s ShooterGame sample code for now, we intend to entirely replace the weapons and game logic over the coming weeks and start building on our own unique feel for the game. We have a couple of exciting game modes lined up that we will demo in the next few weeks!

We have a lot of work in development that we did not make it into the video just yet, for example – I recently created shield prototype that adds some extra visual effects to improve hit feedback.

That’s it for this first development blog entry for Switch. We will have more to share with you soon!


    • Hi Justin!

      I’m sure we’ll get back around to showing how these building blocks interact with the player & environment in a future video. We are brewing on a lot of features that we’d like to show soon! We’ll reserve some time to keep posting updates including a more in-depth look at the build mechanic.

    • Hey Roel! Absolutely! We’ll keep doing regular playtests from now on – looking for a nice way to allow more people to playtest builds together with Osman.

    • Hi kiwii! We’ll keep posting updates and are looking at a way to get more people involved in playtesting. I’ll make sure we’ll share that once we got everything sorted out.

  1. Hello, there!
    I would like to start making games of my own using the same engine.
    Since you’re a lot more experienced person in the field, would you tell me which forums and what tutorials should I start with?
    Thank you in advance! 😀

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