Pre-register for my Unreal Engine 4 C++ Course!

I am putting the final touches to my upcoming C++ course for Unreal Engine 4! The course is set to launch on Udemy in a few weeks, you can pre-register now to receive a special launch discount!

Approved by Epic Games and taught by former Epic Games engineer, Tom Looman, this course teaches you how to use C++ so you can build your own multiplayer games and artificial intelligence in Unreal Engine 4.

If you have a bit of programming know-how but are new to C++ game development, then this course is for you! Unreal Engine 4 Mastery is also a great fit for current developers who have previous experience with Unity or other game engines. Unleash the full power of the Unreal Engine by taking this step-by-step guide.

Learn more about this course by clicking hereRegister now for a special launch discount and notification when the Course goes live!





  1. Hey Tom, this is awesome!
    I apologize for my impatience but can we expect this course to come out this year or do we have to wait for next year?

  2. Since you added this to your page Tom, I’ve been visiting this here nearly everyday to see if there’s a update to when this is available, this is great news! Cannot wait.

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