Tom’s GameDev Round-up #2

Last week I wrote my first game development roundup where I compiled a small list of articles and videos that either recently or in the past been interesting in my own journey in video game development. This week I continue this new series and have more resources to share! NoClip Documentaries NoClip is a crowd-funded […]

Tom’s GameDev Round-up #1

Every day I spend a lot of my time on sites like YouTube or Twitter looking for new insights into video game development. I figured, some of this would be useful to boil down into a blog, and maybe even a series! To highlight some of the more interesting articles I read or insightful videos […]

Journey to VR: Interview with Tom Looman

Last week I did a short interview with Daryl Obert at Autodesk to talk about some of my paintbrush work in VR  for their Journey to VR series. We discuss some of the implementation details of the paint brush that is all done in Blueprint using Unreal Engine 4’s recently added Render Material to Render […]

New Job: Developer Support Engineer at Epic Games UK!

As some of you may know I’ve been contracting with Epic Games for a while now and built several projects including C++ Survival Game Series. Starting February 1st I will begin my new full-time job at Epic Games UK (Guildford) as Developer Support Engineer! As part of my new job I will be providing support to […]

Switch Gamemode playtest footage

After a long time of little to no updates on Switch, we are back with new footage from a playtest we ran earlier this week! We’ve been working on some major changes to the HUD and improvements to our new gamemode “Switch” which was the primary subject of this playtest. Big thanks for everyone to two […]

Survival Game Section 3 on AI & Behavior Trees

Section 3 of the ongoing open-source Survival Game project is now available with documentation and source. In this section we dive into AI using PawnSensing and Behavior Trees using mostly C++. Check out the documentation on the Unreal Engine Wiki or directly download the latest project source through GitHub!

Section 2 of the C++ Survival Project now available!

Section two for the C++ Survival game project has been published on the UnrealEngine Wiki today! This section adds weapon support for the character, a flashlight, UT-style inventory with on-character visual representation of the carried items and deals with damage, death and respawns for players. Project Main Page Main Forum Thread

GameDev talks, blogs and resources at

I’ve published a new page on ZEEF for game development talks, articles and other resources that I found during my own study & work. I’ll be using this as a social bookmarking tool to keep track of the best articles I find, if you think a great piece is missing – do recommend it! (either […]

Survival Sample Game – Section 1

UPDATE: The section content has been moved to the Unreal Engine wiki. This section of the C++ survival game project sets up the third-person character movement with animation, object interaction, simple hunger system, sound and particle playback – all with networking support. Main Project Page Main Forum Thread Source on GitHub View & download latest […]

Announcing the first section for Survival Game

We’ve announced the contents & features of Section 1 for the upcoming Survival Sample Game over at the official forums. “The game is a third person survival game focusing on familiar mechanics from games in this genre. You’ll have to find a weapon to defend yourself. Food and ammunition are spread throughout the level and […]