Create a Multiplayer Shooter in C++ with Unreal Engine 4

I’ve uploaded four additional videos of my course on Udemy that are a now free to watch on YouTube! These preview videos go over the creation of the C++ weapon code in the project which is part of the second project in the course where we build a coop multiplayer shooter in C++ including AI and Power-ups to play with your friends by the end!

Follow-along Instructions: The full project source is available on GitHub, to follow-along with these preview videos you can start from an earlier commit that puts you at the right place to get started with these videos. Simply download a ZIP of the project using that link and get started. This preview assumes you have already setup your programming environment (eg. Visual Studio 2015+ and Visual Assist if you wish to follow along – these setup videos are also part of the full course in case you haven’t)

You can get the FULL course on Udemy today with a special discount using this link. The full course contains over a 140 videos worth 17 hours of expert knowledge on building games with C++ in Unreal Engine 4, where you will learn to code, debug, build cool mechanics, expose any of your C++ to Blueprint for rapid iteration, and on top of all that you will learn to make it all work in multiplayer and even with AI opponents! So Enroll in my course today and let’s start building awesome games together!

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