GDC ’15 Roundup

A few weeks before this years Game Developer Conference it was announced I would attend with 15 other members of the Unreal Community to help out at the booth and get to experience GDC ’15. With an epic experience now behind us, I’d like to give you a round-up of the amazing days we had with the team of Epic Games and everyone from the community that attended.

Luckily we got to experience a bit of San Francisco before the show opened its doors. Of course the Golden Gate bridge was on the shortlist to visit. Permanent good weather, nice people, amazing architecture and lots of hobos – the signature of SF.


Calm before the storm… The showfloor was still in construction shortly before the GDC kicked-off…



This year was dominated by VR hardware, demos, announcements and the Oculus Rift was used on many of the booths across the GDC. My personal favorite is the kite trailer with the announcement of UE4 going free.

The main show floor on Friday.



Switch at Tobii Booth

Switch was demo’d at the Tobii booth to showcase our implementation of Tobii EyeX – the eye tracker hardware we received earlier this year. There were many positive remarks and it was great to talk to the developers of the hardware and see their excitement for their own product and how we implemented that for Switch.

On Friday I demo’d Switch & Elemental demo at the Intel lounge. It wasn’t a very high traffic location, but I still got to meet some new people which is always great about GDC.


The Theatre

The Unreal Theatre was open several hours a day to give live demos on the editor. Ranging from making a small game right there on stage to going into more specific features like the UMG system for interfaces.


Kevin The Veteran

For many people the GDC is a place to connect with like-minded individuals and to open new business opportunities. One night in the hotel elevator I met Kevin, a 17-year veteran of GDC. He started talking and gave me an elevator pitch on how to converse and the importance of talking to anyone if you are alone with them in the elevator during GDC. It’s amazing how many hands you will shake, and new names and faces you ought to remember in just a few days.

VR Domination

In the Unreal booth we have multiple VR demo pods to showcase the power of Unreal & VR. My absolute favorite was the The Thief in the Shadows demo by Weta Digital who previously worked on The Hobbit. Running on a Titan X, which was announced at Tim Sweeney’s Keynote, the demo had to run on Crescent Bay’s HD resolution with 90 FPS. It looked brilliant, and people who saw the demo first hand were amazed by the fidelity and level of immersion.


Epic Games Party

Simply put, awesome party, good DJs, lots of people dancing, and free booze!

The friends from Epic Games

See the full animated gallery of the party at PHHHoto


epicparty_dannyoakes_01 epicparty_dannyoakes_02

Photos by Danny Oakes (more photos)


The entire week was exhausting, and amazing! Soar feet, lost voices and a stack of cards and new friends as a result. A shoutout must go to Epic, Nvidia & Intel for the awesome swag we received!

I’d like to thank Epic Games to bring us out to the GDC this year and all the fellow community members who I got to meet and work with on the floor! You guys are awesome and it was greet meeting you all!


Getting 16 excited game devs in a single room is apparently impossible! I’ll add photos of all community members when I get more photos.

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