Tom’s GameDev Round-up #5 – Game Design, Fallout Modular Levels, Dirt Development Tricks

I have been stacking up on more interesting articles and videos to continue my series on Gamedev Roundup. They have in some way inspired or taught me about game development. In this gamedev round-up I have several great videos and links on game and level design!

Make Things Worse: Enabling Setbacks for Consequential Play

Great talk by Patrick Redding on making gameplay have consequences, something I am specifically designing a game with right now. I find that AAA games are more and more removing any sort of consequence from their gameplay, be it having the player be a total bullet sponge or checkpoints being literally seconds away from their last death.

In this 2014 GDC session, game designer Patrick Redding argues that for a game experience to be meaningful, players should suffer occasional setbacks – situations in which the game requires them to shift their immediate goal in order to continue and succeed.

5 Amazing Levels from 2017 | Game Maker’s Toolkit

A favorite of mine, Mark Brown at it again with some of his favorite levels of 2017.

2017 saw an abundance of great levels, chapters, maps, areas, and sequences. Let’s recap the year, by looking at the best stages from the past 12 months.

Fallout 4’s Modular Level Design

Great talk by the guys at Bethesda. Very insightful talk on the modular pipeline from the developers on Fallout 4 (and prior titles) and how they have improved it over the years.

Large, open-world games like Fallout 4 require an efficient approach to creating many high-quality locations in relatively short period of development. Modular art kits and an iterative level design process are essential to the team at Bethesda Game Studios.

Gamasutra: Developers share their most memorable dirty coding tricks

Gamasutra sometimes has great developer anecdotes, and this is definitely one of them.

When time is running out, the team is frazzled, and mysterious problems arise, sometimes unconventional solutions are needed. When you’ve just got to get the thing done, all bets are off. ​ In a pair of classic articles originally published in our  sister publication Game Developer magazine, we explored some fascinating real-life examples of just that. You can read those timeless pieces here and here.

Click here to read the full article on dirty developer tricks that made it in just before launch.

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That’s all for this weeks GameDev round-up! Hope you got a few interesting reads or bookmarks out of it. Please leave your own suggestions in the comments below or check out my other entries in the round-up series or follow me on Twitter!

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