Tom’s GameDev Round-up #2

Last week I wrote my first game development roundup where I compiled a small list of articles and videos that either recently or in the past been interesting in my own journey in video game development. This week I continue this new series and have more resources to share!

NoClip Documentaries

NoClip is a crowd-funded video game documentary channel on YouTube. They’ve covered games like Witcher, The Witness, Spelunky and Rocket League. I find the Rocket League episodes especially intriguing and also recommend watching at least The Witness and Spelunky docu’s too! And why not follow Danny on Twitter while you’re at it.

Game AI

AI programming has always been fascinating to me and there are a ton of great resources out there like with free articles like Teaming Up with Halo’s AI: 42 Tricks to Assist Your Game that talks about the many interesting discoveries the team at Bungie made while developing the AI of Halo. The article is a summary of three presentations done by the team at Bungie (references can be found at the end of the article) Definitely one to keep around and re-read as a reference when designing your AI.

This talk from Pete Ellis on How an Environment Layout Affects Difficulty given during GDC Europe ’16 discusses the effects of environments on difficulty regarding AI, encounter design and enemy types.


Game&Type is a “…living archive of typography and UI/UX design in video games.” according to the site’s About PageI find myself checking out Let’s Plays frequently to see how menus and UI looks/works in games. Game&Type lends a helping hand in your UI/UX research in that it offers screenshots of menus, UI and the overal UX for many games, including Left 4 Dead and Overwatch.

Making the Most out of Noise

And finally another great blog by Ryan Brucks, Making the most out of Noise. Ryan recently created his own blog which is filling up with great posts on tech art magic in Unreal Engine 4 and is worth a visit! Check out his personal blog over at

That’s all for this weeks round-up! Hope you got a few new bookmarks out of it. Please leave your own suggestions in the comments below!

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