Tom’s GameDev Round-up #1

Every day I spend a lot of my time on sites like YouTube or Twitter looking for new insights into video game development. I figured, some of this would be useful to boil down into a blog, and maybe even a series! To highlight some of the more interesting articles I read or insightful videos I watched recently. These links are in no particular order, they are a mind-dump with some notes on why it’s good or worth your time.

Simon Schreibt (Tech Art Blog)

Let’s start of with a site I am kind of jealous of, Simon Schreibt, containing tons of cool Tech Art tricks and experiments, usually re-creations of shipped games. My favorites include Doom 3’s Volumetric Glow and Left 4 Dead’s Puke. A lot of research goes into each of his posts, often with people helping out with additional insights after posting. It’s just a lot of cool stuff in one place if tech art is your thing.

Mark Brown (YouTube-channel)

Mark Brown is YouTuber discussing games, and game mechanics. He has some very insightful content on games that are absolutely worth a watch. He has too many videos I recommend, here are two others that I like, What We Can Learn From Doom and How Games Do Health.

Battle(non)sense (YouTube-channel)

Another great, albeit a little more niche channel is Battle(non)sense, covering mainly net code of video games by doing analysis of games such as Lawbreakers which is made in Unreal Engine 4. It provides a good insight in how games handle networking and what to look out for when you’re developing your own.

Core Character Movement (Blog-post)

Ryan Darcey (Halo 5 Dev) has an interesting blog post about Core Character Movement in Games, in his blog he analyses character movement properties such as speed, acceleration and analog input handling (examples shown in Unreal Engine 4) and includes some neat graphs that are available for download.

DeadendThrills (Beautiful game screenshots)

Next up is a site that’s been sitting in my bookmarks for years. A great site to please your eyes, featuring high-resolution screenshots of video games, and they look incredible! Simply so many great images, definitely worth a view every now and again!

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (UE4)

Rime (UE4)

That’s it for this round! I hope you discovered some new interesting articles or videos! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or subscribe below!

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