Game Projects in XNA

All projects were made in XNA Game Framework (C#) while studying Game Design & Development and were built on my own engine called ‘Core Engine’. Project length varied between 8 and 12 weeks. More information about Core Engine is located at the bottom of the page.

Over Night (School Project – Horror)

Over Night is a survival horror game where you try to survive the night in a haunted police station after receiving a call from your girlfriend about an intruder coming into her house. Before you can get to her you are pulled over by a police car. The next thing you remember is waking up in a police cell with the door unlocked, and nobody around.

Early in the game you find a mobile phone that enables you to see and hear things you normally cannot perceive in the world around you. This phone is the essential tool in solving the mysteries of the police station you’re trapped in.

Duration: 8 weeks.
Role: Programmer (Team of 3 – Designer, Concept Artist, Programmer)

securityroom_hq   overnight_gallery02

Project Sunburn (School Project – First Person Shooter)

Arcade first person shooter made for the SunBurn rendering framework. This project allowed me to work on new technical features including AI (pathfinding, behaviors), first person shooter mechanics (weapon effects, projectiles, camera shake, slow motion) and post processing (bloom, motion blur, color correction)

Duration: 12 weeks.
Role: Programmer (Team of 7 – Designer, Concept Artist, 3 Artists, 2 Programmers)

ai_shoulderview ai_triplets

It enabled me to work on some new experimental engine features including a waypoint-painter to quickly setup AI navigation graphs.

For more videos view the playlist on YouTube.

Needle Juice (School Project – Drug Abuse)

Needle Juice was created as part of a project themed around drug abuse. The player takes on the role of a drug addict in his home. You’ll discover the effect this addiction has had on the character and his surrounding friends and family.

Duration: 8 weeks.
Role: Programmer (Team of 3 – Designer, Artist, Programmer)

project_nj02 project_nj04

Core Engine (XNA Based Game Engine)

Core Engine is an XNA-based game engine that was used for Over Night, Project Sunburn and Needle Juice. The engine was developed during and in-between the game projects to improve the quality of games incrementally and re-use some of the components to save time. Re-use and smart use of programmer time was critical for these projects, since the games had to be completed within 8 to 12 weeks.

The engine included many experimental features to explore the possibilities of Game Engines and for learning purposes. Many of these experiments are available on YouTube.

Duration: 2 years.
Role: Programmer (solo project)

For more videos view the playlist on YouTube.