Distance Fields in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine leverages the power of Signed Distance Fields for Ambient Occlusion and more recently added Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows. I will briefly discuss and demonstrate both effects as a result of some early research to consider using these techniques for our game. Since the core of Switch’s design hinges on fully dynamic […]

Switch Development Update #3

This week we got some of first early sounds effects from our new Sound Designer. He will be helping us out with the gameplay and ambient sounds effects for the game. Expect a proper introduction soon with more of his work! Gameplay: New Grenade Prototype & Sound Effects We’ve been toying with the idea of […]

Switch Development Blog #2

In this second development blog we discuss what we’ve been up in the past two weeks. We have moved our focus to improve the fluidity of switching the environment during combat. This is one of the pillar mechanics in our game and has to work great at all times – which can be challenging with […]

Switch Development Blog #1

Switch is a multiplayer-only first person shooter currently in development using Unreal Engine 4. The levels are designed and built by the players throughout the match. Individual pieces can be switched to become transparent or opaque – effectively turning it into cover or a new way to traverse the level. This is best explained by […]