C++ Coop Survival Game’s Final Section

Section 6 is the conclusion to the C++ Survival game series. The final entry in the series is upgraded to support the latest 4.8 version of Unreal Engine. It introduces a new coop landscape map along with many tweaks and bug fixes. In this final section I will go over some of the available features in the project and give you some tips on building your own game using this series.

Project Screenshots






For a section overview of the series check out the Project Overview page! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and picked up some C++ and gameplay concepts in the process!

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  1. hey i got a problem i have edited this game for my purposes to play with my friends:
    300 zombies
    15 player spawns
    5 open houses
    2 vehicles
    grass foliage
    bush foliage
    and when i go to package/windows/64 bit
    it starts packaging and then i got an error
    LogSkinnedMeshComp:Warning: GetSocketByName(LightSocket): No SkeletalMesh for WeaponMesh3P
    what should i do??????

    • Hi Vlada,

      Looks like the problem is with the Flashlight blueprint missing a SkeletalMesh. Make sure it still has a valid mesh assigned to the Flashlight blueprint and that the mesh has a Socket matching the name that is specified in that LightSocket variable.

      It also looks like it’s just a warning, not sure if that is what’s actually blocking your package process.

      – Tom

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